Easy Riders Vietnam

Our five day motorbike tour through the central highlands of Vietnam with Anh’s Vietnam Easy Riders.

Anh and Hai drove us from Hoi An to Dalat in five days. We travelled over the Ho Chi Minh Trail, which is a Highway nowadays, and through the central vietnamese countryside. During our travels we were able to enjoy the nature and meet the people of Vietnam who live in small villages and under the most simple conditions. We were humbled by the fact, that some of those villages do not have access to potable water or electicity. Some only have one tab in the center of the village where they are able to wash themselves and the dishes right next to the mother pig with her piglets 😲. We felt like we had moved in time and got a glimpse at how people lived in Switzerland one hundred years ago… It’s not the first time since we have been on this journey, that we realize how lucky we are to be Swiss citizens. Compared to these circumstances even the most simple life in Switzerland seems luxurious.

We visited local shops and learned how they make a variety of brooms (I would have loved to buy for our home), silk and rice paper. And of course we were fed with local specialities and Anh made sure, that we tried something new every day. This is how we realized, that the local fish mint herb tastes more like fish than any fish I have ever tasted in my life 😣🤢 - as you can guess from the emojis it’s not our favorite herb 😂. The best dinner was in a small restaurant/souvenir shop next to our accommodation in Lak Lake and we still dream of it today :).

The children of a local orphanage have captured a very special place in our hearts. We only spent one hour with them, but we will never forget this experience. From the moment we stepped in the children were all over us. Climbing on our laps, making videos with our GoPro and curiously exploring Marcos camera 😊. Nevertheless the conditions under which the kids adged 0 to 18 years life here troubled us and filled our hearts with pain. No kid should have to grow up like this, but at least they have the opportunity to go to school and a place to sleep and eat - which is more than some kids have living in their home villages. We have learned, that you are not allowed to adopt a child as a foreigner because there have been problems with child trafficking in the past. So the only thing we were able to do is give them our time and love.

We can highly recommend this kind of travelling through Vietnam and would do it again if we came back to Vietnam one day.

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