A quick update from Vietnam

We landed in Hanoi on July 3o and were welcomed by a even more humid heat than we were already used to from our time in Thailand. Traveling during the Monsoon season has it’s advantages and disadvantages as we know ;). We had planned to visit Halong Bay on a day trip but a tropical storm was headed towards the Bay and therefore all daytrips were cancelled 😒. This is why we missed one of the highlights of our Vietnam trip. On the other hand we got to know Hanoi quite well and enjoyed a lot of Bahn Mi (the local sandwich made out of a small baguette roll and different stuffings) and Saigon style iced coffees :).

Our journey continued to Ninh Bin. We boarded a train during heavy rain and arrived in Ninh Bin two hours later. From there a taxi took us to the small town of Tam Coc. We felt very much at home here and our host family made our stay even more perfect. The nature and landscape of Tam Coc and close by Trang An and the river cruises more than made up for us missing out on Halong Bay.

After a couple of warm and rainy days in Tam Coc we boarded the night train from Ninh Binh to Hue. This was a very bumpy and shaky experience and not even close to the comfortable journeys on the Thai night trains. But we shared our cabin with a lovely couple from Germany/Mexico Sarah and Salvador and this alone made this train ride worth while. We spent the next couple of days in Hue with them and their friends from the Netherlands Lieke and Mark. Meeting such lovely people is an absolute joy and we met all four of them again in Hoi An, where we are currently at.

Tomorrow we will be leaving on a motorbike tour with the local Easy Riders. They will take us on a tour through the country side for five days. The tour will end in Dalat from where we will travel on to the beach of Nha Trang and from there to Ho Chi Minh City, which will be our last stop in Vietnam. From Saigon we will be flying out to Bangkok and from there to Yangon, Myanmar, where our next adventure will take place. We will be joined by my sister Nina and her boyfriend Robert for this part of our journey and we are very much looking forward to share this adventure with them.

So until next time dear readers and take care!

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