Melbourne - Great Ocean Road - Sydney - Blue Mountains - Brisbane

Time flies and our six weeks Down Under have already passed😲. We have been on the road a lot and tried to see as much as we could within a short amount of time. The places that impressed us the most were Tasmania, Melbourne, the Great Ocean Road, the numerous and very exotic animal and bird species, the Botanical Garden in Sydney and the Koala Sanctuary in Brisbane.

It has been my dream for more than 20 years to travel to Australia and therefore my expectations were pretty high. I had to realize that Australia is not as developed as I had thought and that I had idealized it a lot in my head. Also I must say that after beeing on the road for more than a year, my expectations have changed and I do see the world with different eyes.

One thing is certain, the Aussies are a lovely bunch of people and talking to them is alway very interesting and fun. We felt welcomed and at home most of the time and our Airbnb hosts were some of the best and friendliest on our travel. All of them have travelled a lot and it was great to share and exchange travel stories with them.

I am thankful, that I was able to finally visit Australia and am looking forward to New Zealand 😃.

Melbourne & Great Ocean Road

Sydney & Blue Mountains