Mexiko City - Los Angeles - Honolulu - Sydney - Hobart

Hello everyone! Yes, we are still here and were on the road a lot. Therefore time and internet access were luxury and the internet connection in Tasmania is not the fastest (except in the two large cities Hobart and Launceston).

We left our beloved Mexico at the end of January and travelled on to Los Angeles (stop-over only) and from there to Honolulu (Hawaii). During our four day stay in Hawaii we had time to visit Pearl Harbour and Waikiki Beach and not much else. To be honest, the prices in Hawaii are so high that we couldn’t afford to do much more anyways. 2 liters of milk were sold at about USD 8 (!!) which came as some sort of a shock to our Mexico accustomed travel budget :).

On February 4th we boarded the Hawaiian Airlines Flight with direction Sydney and landed there lavely after a little bit more than 10 hours. My beloved aunt Bea already awaited us at the Hotel :D. We have been exploring and travelling through Tasmania with her during the past few weeks (with start and ending point Hobart), where we finally found the time and internet connection to update this blog and upload some pictures for you. Enjoy :D!

Honolulu, Hawaii

Sydney, Australia

Tasmania, Australia

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