Baja California

We have spent Christmas and Newyears in Baja California. The peninsula is part of Mexico but it is one of the most visited vacation spots for North Americans. In the Southern part of the peninsula, they vacation in Cabo San Lucas and therefore pretty much everything is in English and everyone basically speaks English too. At the beginning it was very strange to us to be greeted in English instead of Spanish and to hear this language everywhere. But we got used to it and after talking to some locals we got to understand why. The tourists from North America are important to the region (not to say very important) and they expect, that the locals speak English, since the Baja is so close to the USA and because they do not speak Spanish...

Our Christmas days were very tranquil and we didn’t do much more than enjoying the beach and having long conversations and a good time with our friends Richi and Valli, who were so kind to host us at their place over these few days in San José del Cabo. We found this pueblo a little less americanized than Cabo San Lucas and the beaches were less crowded.

For New Years we traveled to Cabo San Lucas and stayed with Martha and her daughter Paulina, who gave us a family and made us feel very much at home. We have been very blessed with our hosts here in Mexico and also with thier lovely pets. Cabo was fun and we spent a lot of time at the beach and in the local Taco restaurants 😋. We expected New Years Eve to be a big thing here and from the decorations the bars and restaurants put up it looked like it. In the end there were a lot of people at the beach at midnight, to see the fireworks (sponsored by the hotels ) and afterwards some in the streets, but really not as many as we expected.

About the fireworks: This is a big thing back in Switzerland. Every New Year the City of Zurich resp. the Hoteliers sponsor a 30 minute firework (combined with music), shot up from boats on Lake Zurich, for the people to enjoy. You might think, that within Cabo San Lucas there would be enough money to top that no? Well, this firework lasted exactley five minutes 🤔…

We spent the rest of our Baja trip in the quiet town of La Paz, situated on the Golf of California / Cortés-Sea and about three hours from Cabo San Lucas by bus. The drive to La Paz takes you through sandy landscapes, scattered with cactus and mountains. Once we arrived at the coast, we were greeted by a fresh wind, which was a nice change to the hot and humid weather we had experienced the weeks before. A short UBER ride later, we arrived at the Peace Hostel, where we stayed for six nights.

The first hostel guest we met after we had checked out our room and dropped our backpacks off, was Chris. Chris drove his bycicle from Alaska to the Baja California (WOW 👀!) and is not only a great guy but a very good writer, which makes reading his Blog very interesting and amusing. We have linked his Blog here, so go and check it out if you are interested!

We met some lovely people in this Hostel and enjoyed their company very much. It made us realized how isolated we sometimes are and chatting, discussing and cooking in this community of fellow travellers from all over the world was a very nice change. It was a pleasure meeting you all🙏

The highlight of our Baja adventure defenitely is the boat tour to Isla Espirito Santo, where we snorkeled with Sealions. These beautiful and graceful creatures faszinated us and we were lucky enough to have caught some of them on camera. Every minute in the chilly water was absolutely worth it ❤

We loved exploring the Baja California and are thankful for all the people we met and the impressions we have made. It’s time for us to fly back to Mexico City and then we are off to Oaxaca coast. Hasta luego amigos!

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