Oaxaca, Sierra Norte & Monte Alban

Oaxaca is definitely one of the Mexican states that we have visited the most. The cooking in this region is world famous and offers everything from Quessadillas and Mole to Grasshopers.

We have visited Oaxaca three times and explored the Sierra Norte during a seven day hike during one of these visits. This trek lead us to the fantastic Pine and Needle forests of the Sierra and through paths lined with huge agave plants. We slept in the cabañas of the Pueblos Mancomunados and had a young (and once not so young) local guide at our side for every part of the way. The hikes are all about 8 kilometers long (except for the last bit through the Canon which is about 13 km and a steep up and down) and were pretty easy to do for us. The luggage gets tranported by car from one village to the next one so you only hike with your daypack and some water. The smallest village has only 80 inhabitants and we got to learn a lot about the plants and animals during our journey. We can highly recommend this hike for everyone who likes to experience this wonderful part of Oaxaca on foot and has good knees for the last part of hiking.

On our last visit we went to the archeological site of Monte Alban and enjoyed it very much. We have seen a lot of sites during our stay in Mexico and each and everyone of them had a very special vibe/ambiance. The same goes for Monte Alban which took our breath awas with it’s rough beauty and beautiful buildings that you are still alowed to climb. The archeological site is reachable by local bus for about 40 pesos or less and it takes about 20 minutes to get there.

Our last trip will lead us to the Oaxaca coast mid January. Thanks to our new friends Susan and Mike (whom we have met in Oaxaca) we will be flying to Huatulco instead of Puerto Escondido which makes a huge difference in regards to the flight prices and will take a ride from there to Zipolite and later Puerto Escondido. They say that the Oaxaca coast has some of the most beautiful beaches in the country. We will see if that is true soon 😊

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