On July 3rd we've crossed the peruvian/ecuadorian border and made our way to Guayaquil on bus by Cruz del Sur. We spent three nights in Ecuadors biggest city and enjoyed the sights within the touristic center of the town. The weather was partly cloudy and sunny and the temperatures usually around 28°. When it came to food we were a little dissapointed because there weren't many options and a lot of the restaurants were big fast food chains from the United States. We've learned, that there are better options outside of the center but didn't feel like sitting in a taxi. If you plan to visit this interresting city we would recommend to look up the restaurant options on TripAdvisor and take a taxi or Uber. 

Since the bus system in Ecuador is not as well organized and functioning as the ones in Peru, Argentina or Chile, we decided to travel with a private shuttle service to the coast. We reached the beach village Olón on July 6 and it was raining... We stayed three days at Hostal Mariposa and relaxed with good food (the pizza at Il Pirata is great!) and good company (thank you César and Dale for your hospitality!) before taking a bus to the small town of Rio Chico 30 minutes north of Olón.

Alicia was already waiting for us at the gate on the sunny afternoon of July 9th. Little did we know, that we wouldn't see the sun again for most of our time here in Ecuador. The winter at the coast line is usually combined with a lot of clouds, daily drizzles or rain while the temperature is around 25°.

Our Workaway-Family Alicia, Napo, Chief, Bella, Sophie and Lula (the last four are the dogs :)) welcomed us with open arms and we fell in love with all of them over the past five weeks. 

The days flew by and Marco is now a master of the machete ;). We helped with the gardens, deep cleaned the Casitas, swept the terasses, cleaned the pool and cooked the food for the dogs. Over all we had a wonderful Covivencia experience in Quinta Oasis. We were part of the family and enjoyed our family dinners, whitching hours with the dogs (they usualy went crazy for about 15 minutes every evening and sprinted around the property), exploring the ocean on Swiss national day on a whale watching tour with Alicia & Napo and our conversations.  

We are thankful for this amazing experience and would do it again in a hearbeat. We miss all of them deeply and hope to return soon!


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