We have travelled across the Border from Bolivia to Peru and visited the border town Puno which is at lake Titicaca. The town itself is nothing special, but we've slept two nights on the famous floating islands of Uros. It was very cold at night (-2° Celcius) but we had an amazing time. 

From Puno we travelled by bus to Arequipa whithin the peruvian mountains. The view from the town to the three volcanos Chachani, Misti (activ/sleeping) and Pichu Pichu surrounding the city was breath-taking. Arequipa is a beautiful little town (at least in the center) and we enjoyed our time here. We did a two day tour into Colca Canyon and the Colca Valley with a local guide and a driver. The tour enabled us to see the pre Inca and Inca terraces within the Valley, the flying Condors and a beautiful landscape that we haven't seen anywhere else. 

Our next stop was in Nazca and included a 30 minute flight over the famous Nazca lines with a Cessna. Let's just say that Marco had a very good time and the lines are incredible, but I won't be flying in such a small airplane again any time soon.... We stayed at a lovely little B&B called "El Jadin" and were pampered by Remy the Dutch owner for the next two days.

After this the bus took us to Ica where we climbed the dunes and visited one of the oldest wineries in Southamerica with the name Tacama. Ica is a typical dessert town and there is not much to do here except for the dunes and the vineyards incl. the ones who produce the world vamous Pisco.