First of all we have to say, that this is the country that suprised us the most so far. We expected a third world country (which it is) but there has been a lot going on in the last 10 and especially 2 years in relation to tourism and infrastructure.

The six modern teleferico lines and four others in construction have been built as a overground metro within the last four years. Also the airport in La Paz has been renewed and reopened 5 years ago. The hotels (depending on the budget) are modern and up to our standards. The streets and the traffic are horriffic, but as said, it still is a third world country ;).

We were stranded in La Paz for nine days because there were social problems in Sucre, where we were supposed to fly to. Therefore we flew directly to Uyuni to start our eight day tour through the Altiplano with a private driver. The tour took us to Colchani and over the Uyuni Salt Lake to Tahua, San Pedro de Quemes, the Siloli Desert, the lagunas Cañapa, Hedionda, Ch’arkota, Honda, Colorada and Verde as well as the volcanos Thunupa, Uturuncu, Tomasamil and Ollagüe.

The nights in the Bolivian Altiplano are very cold and we usually ate our breakfast and dinner with our down jackets on. The people in Bolivia mostly live in very simple and traditional houses without heating (except for the stove in the kitchen) and a lot of them do not have electricity or running water in their homes. Here in the Altiplano people live from Lamas (their meat and wool) and from growing Quinoa. There is no other income to the families except for tourism and still they are extremley friendly and helpful.

It was very humbling for us to experience this kind of life and we feel extremely priviledged to be able to travel the world and have every comfort back home in Switzerland.

We fell in love with this country and will be back for sure to explore other places within this beautiful country.