Costa Rica

Our five weeks trip through Costa Rica lead us from San José to the Pacific Coast, to the Cloud Forsest and Arenal volcano, to the Caribbean Coast and turtle breeding grounds als well as to the volcanoes of the Central Valley.

We’ve experienced a little bit of evything: Beach, sea, national parks, volcanoes, mountains, rain forest, cloud forest, dry forest. turtles, moskitos ;-/, rain, heavy rain, drizzly rain, heat, humidity and a LOT of green color. Also the biodiversity of Costa Rica is unlike anything we have ever seen before. Frogs, sloths, spiders, insects, monkeys, birds and a sheer amount of trees, plants and flowers. For all nature lovers Costa Rica is a must see.

Costa Rica only knows two seasons: the dry season and the rainy season. We travelled in August/September and therefore in the rainy season, which made places way less crowded and places to stay less expensive.

Some tips in case you plan to visit this country:

  1. Invest in your rental car and take a 4x4. You will be able to drive everywhere and not worry about holes and dirt roads.

  2. Renting the car in the city instead of the airport might be cheaper. Check all options and taxes!

  3. Bring Mosikto repellent and after bite medicine since there are LOTS of moskitos.

  4. Plan to visit Playa Flamingo on Nicoya Peninsula on the Pacific Coast. It’s one of our favorites.

  5. There’s no need to take a Guided tour in every Nationalpark you visit! First of all it’s expensive and second of all there is usually the same stuff to see. Everyone will try to tell you that you need a guide. No you don’t - at least not everytime :D!

  6. Choose your guide and don’t take the first one that approaches you or book one through your Hotel.

  7. Bring binoculars.

  8. It can get cold in the mountains so bring a jacket and at least one pair of trousers with long legs.

  9. There isn’t much to see and do in San José except for the Jade museum which is actually very good and some nice graffitis.

  10. Everything in Costa Rica is “pura vida”. The ticos (how the costaricense call themselves) use it for everything and everywhere.

  11. Visit a coffee plantation/production and try the coffee made with a Costa Rica “machine”.

  12. Learn Spanish! There is no better way to experience this wonderful country and learn about the inhabitants.

On September 15th we left Costa Rica for our next destination: Cancún. Hasta luego äääääääää pura vida Costa Rica!

Sibylle ZurbriggenComment