Traveling route update!

Dear family, friends and readers,

Our plans have changed once so far since leaving Switzerland behind and starting our world trip. Braszil had to move aside for Ecuador and Costa Rica. A decision we didn’t regret a minute and now we have decided to stay in Mexico until the end of January 2019.

This beautiful land has so much to offer and we feel that we only got to take a glimps within the six weeks we have been here so far. Also the Mexican cuisine is part of the UNESCO world heritage and we can fully support this :D and the people are more than open, friendly and helpful.

Our travels will continue on January 30 when we will fly to Honolulu, where we will stay for a couple of nights before travelling on to Australia. We have made this decision in relation to our travel budget and in regards to the political situation within the United States. Therefore we will only make a quick stop over and head on to the other side of the world.

Our first stop in Australia will be Sydney, where we will meet with my beloved godmother Bea! Together we will travel to Tasmania and Melbourne before we continue to other parts of Australia and New Zealand. We haven’t decided on the exact stops yet and will give you an update as soon as we know more.

After visiting Australia and New Zealand, we will be travelling on to Bali and Thailand, as well as Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia and Nepal. We will consider the policital and social situation in the countries before travelling there. Therefore our route can change again.

Thank you very much for reading our blog and following our journey. You can also find new posts on Instagram thetraveling_2 .

All the best, Sibylle & Marco

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