Our first week in Buenos Aires

We've already been here a week. Time flies by... In our first week we've visited a lot of the sights in this vibrant city. From the various parcs and gardens to the monuments and avenidas. We were very impressed with the Rosedal (the rose garden) within the Parco del 3 Febrero and the Botanical Garden. We've been to the parks several times and the many parks are one of the things we love most about this city. 

We pretty much go everywhere with the Subte (local Subway) and on foot. There are great free walking Tours (BA Free Walks) where you explore the city with a guide on foot and you decide at the end of the tour how much you want to pay the guide. We've made two of their tours (City and Recoleta) and enjoyed both very much. During the passed week we visited Dante (Palacio Barolo), met one of the three original statues of "The Thinker" by Rhodin, learned about the Plaza de Mayo, Evita Peron and a lot about the people of Buenos Aires.




Sibylle ZurbriggenComment