Goodbye Zurich. Hola Buenos Aires!

We said goodbye to our families and friends on Zurich Airport on January 16th and made our way to security controll with teary eyes and a heavy hearts. We've never been away for such a long time and therefore never had to say goodbye to our loved ones like this before. We were leaving Switzerland for an adventure. To visit coutries we've never seen before and only depending on us.

We passed the security check without any problems and our flight took off at exactly 18:35 and landed about two hours later in Madrid. The airport in Madrid is a Hub to Southamerica and we felt like we were already there. Therefore we just went with the flow and dove into the South American vibe. Our flight to Buenos Aires left Madrid at 23:55 and we experienced a Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner for the first time. In case you've never travelled in one of these we highly recommend it. The plane has large windows and a high ceiling which makes it somehow larger and lighter. We felt as like the plane was riding on clouds during take-off and this feeling carried on while climbing up. Maybe we just had very good weather conditions but we must say, that this flight was really very comfortable. After a twelve hour flight and some hours of sleep we landed an hour ahead in Buenos Aires. The town welcomed us with clouded but warm weather. 24° is not shabby for a Swiss couple arriving from snowy Switzerland. 

We used the Shuttle Bus Tienda Leon to go to the center of town and the company drove us to our apartment (district Palermo) with a smaller car.  After making ourselves at home we went out to explore our area. Later we met Diana (our Spanish teacher) and her husband Felix and took a tour through Palermo and Palermo Soho. The two flew back to Switzerland today and we were only able to spend a couple of hours together in this great city. Thank you for making time to see us and share your tips with us! 

We went to restaurant Don Julio for dinner which Diana and Felix recommended and were greeted with a icecold class of bubbly and some snacks while waiting for our table to be ready. We enjoyed our first Bife Chorizo and a couple of Malbecs. The waiter was very patient with us and endured our Spanish which we stuck too even when he offered to switch to English. Guys, we are here to learn something ;)! We strolled back home and fell into bed around midnight.  

Gracias Buenos Aires por la càlida bienvenida.

Food tip: Portions are huge (maybe not for Americans but for us). It's better to order just one piece of meat plus side dish and share even if the waiter insists that you are crazy to do so :D. 

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