Let's go!

Tommorrow is the day we are leaving for our first travel destination: Buenos Aires. 

The past view days we've enjoyed our hometown Zurich and spent some marvellous time with our families and friends. Saying godbye to the people you love is not easy, but we are so excited that the day of our departure is finally here that the joy helps us coping with the ake in our hearts. The backpacks are paked, everything has been copied, scanned, printed, been backed-up, controlled and googled. So we should be ready to go. That the day of our departure is finally here, after such a long planning period, makes us feel a little bit strange and queasy. Anyway, tomorrow we will board a plane that will bring us to Buenos Aires via Madrid!

We are looking forward to exploring this town which we've heard so much about from our Spanish teacher who was born in Buenos Aires and is a Porteña trough and through. She has taught us so much about her hometown and Argentina that we would like to give her a speciao shoutout here. Thank you Diana Loeb and Escuela Celia for teaching us Spanish and share your knowledge with us!

We will spend four weeks in this exciting city where we will live in an appartment. Our goal is to dive into the culture, to experience and learn the language as well as getting to know land and people as real and up close as possible. 

If we succeed with what we've planned, if our start into our travels was successful and if we like Buenos Aires you will read about in our next blog posts. Until then we thank you for reading this post and ¡hasta pronto!

I would just leave if I were you. Quote from a fortune cookie I got from my sister :)

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